Moving to Home Dialysis

Making dialysis fit your life.

Making micro changes, improving your quality of life.

Moving from doing your dialysis sessions in a clinic, to doing them, at home is a challenge and can appear daunting. However, we are expert in helping you make that move. Moreover, think about how much it will improve your life, not having to go to the clinic or hospital every other day for treatment. You will see an immediate improvement in your quality of life, and your friends and family will notice it too!

  • Quality Time: Dialysing at Home will give you greater life flexibility. You decide how often you dialysis.
  • You will have reduced stress, which will make for a healthier you.
  • You will need less medication.
  • The “high’s & lows” caused by the 3 day 4 hour treatment will be gone, because you can dialysis more consistently over the whole week.
  • Eliminate that 3 days of weekly travel.
  • Elimination of the “extra” dialysis problem where you need an extra treatment, out of schedule, and can’t get an appointment. Now you can do it at home. You are in control.

Still in contact:

Just because you are at home, does not mean that your clinic has forgotten about you. The HDManager™ system means that you have even better contact with the clinic, because you will have better monitoring and information. You will be empowered to make micro changes on how you live. These changes over time will make a big difference to you, your family, and how you feel. We have made it easy to follow and understand. You will see the results each time you dialyse.