How is Home Dialysis Benefits You

Quality Family Time | Living Longer | Less Medication | No Extra Dialysis time | No Travel time wasted | Personalised Treatment

Reassurance - The HDManager™ guides you, and is actively monitoring your condition, throughout the dialysis process. You can take comfort in the fact that help is just a click away. In the case of an emergency, the system will react automatically and take a series of measured actions.
Homecare - One of the biggest advantages of using the HDManager™ is that it allows you to be at home with your loved ones. No more visits to the clinic every few days for dialysis. Now you can be in the company of your family and friends, while still being treated. This will improve your life considerably. The HDManager™ will also guide you through your treatment. It supports and guides you through each dialysis session.
Recreation - In-Clinic dialysis does not leave much time for you to meet with friends or partake in any hobbies. The HDManager™ allows you to live a more normal life, as you will be in charge of your dialysing times. The HDManager™ software will allow you to plan your week ahead so you have the peace of mind that your treatment will now fit around your lifestyle.