Simplify & Train

Facilitating treatment through training and support

We Train. We Simplify


The HDSolutions software interactive tool suite, trains CKD Stage 5 patients, with the help of an in-clinic supervising nurse. This training can be continued at home with ‘live support’ by using the intuitive step-by-step interface and smart prompts. Our software tutoring system builds patient’s confidence with automated check-list system, using best practice airline pilot 'check list' guidelines.

Our research coupled with our experience of training, clearly shows that when dialysis patients panic, they do more harm - if they don’t follow correct procedures. Printed quick guides on paper or plastic are not sufficient responses to a panicking patient. Our application enables voice & graphics, clearly demonstrating corrective action to take when required, in sequential, easy-to-follow steps.



The HDSolutions team has worked closely with one of Europe’s most experienced Human Factors consultancies, in developing our home based dialysis solution.

HDTrainer™ & HDManager™ eliminates complex and inaccurate paper work, delivering only essential information via our easy-to-use, interactive touch screen display. Our multimedia task manager uses Voice, Text & Video to respond to patients’ queries, especially in emergencies. The HDManager™ system, has a smart and response algorithm which detects patterns in patient queries or dialysis patterns to shorten response time and increases a patients’ sense of security & comfort.