Support & Respond

Support and Respond

Pre-empting patients' fears and concerns.


We SUPPORT - With the HDTrainer™ & HDManager™ design, we can pre-empt most, if not all patients’ fears and concerns. Effective ‘just-in-time’ responses are triggered. We use live voice and video support, text messaging, visual instructions and video tutorials. The HDSolutions suite platform aims to facilitate both the patient and the caregiver during their move to Home Dialysis. We also offer the caregiver end to end support through our device and interactive tools.





We RESPOND - Our digital system responses to an event, based upon bio-signals and your personal history. The HDManager™ connected software system ensures that the patient at home feels at ease, knowing that in the event of an emergency the clinic will be notified and will make contact, immediately. In the case of a non-emergency - the patient feeling uneasy or unsure, the HDManager™ will respond promptly to put the patient at ease. 

The HDTrainer™ initially uses ‘live connect’ as part of home training and then enables the familiar recorded voice of the trainer nurse, for key procedure actions.

In the case of an emergency, an emergency message is sent to the monitoring service. For every second the patient fails to correct the alarm, the emergency message is escalated from an Active Monitoring Centre response to an Ambulance response.